Shop With Scrip

The wonderful thing about Scrip fundraising is that you can use your Scrip account year round to help our school by using the website from any smart phone to purchase eScrip cards that can be used while you are out shopping.

For example, if you decide to go to Starbucks for a quick coffee, purchase a $10.00 card from your phone and $0.70 goes back to the school. I know $0.70 might not seem like a lot but if 100 people in our school each used an eScrip card just to buy their daily coffee, now it’s $70.00 back to the school that you were already about to make and it only costs you a few minutes of your time.

What can be easier?!

The other great benefit to using eScrip cards and Scrip physical gift cards is the added identity protection when making online purchases. Once you set up your Scrip account you will be making all of your ACH online transactions with one secure website. The rest of your shopping is done with the gift cards so the most you are at risk for is the value of the card being used. You’re not constantly at risk of having your personal information stolen.

Periodically we will run physical card fundraisers, but each and every day, once you setup your Scrip account, you can help our school just by taking a few extra minutes to purchase an eScrip card to use for your regular daily purchases.

Please use the order form on page three of the RMS PTA Scrip Flyer. Send your order and payment in an envelope marked ‘SCRIP Gift Cards’.

Please include your name, students name and grade on the outside of the envelope. Checks should be made payable to “RMS‐PTA”.

Be sure your contact information is on the order form so we can get in touch with you should we have any questions and to insure you receive delivery of your order on time.

You can also place you order online. Joining is simple. Go to and click “Join a Program” Enter the Rockaway Meadow School enrollment code L111EBCF22L34 and complete the form.

Thank you for your support!