Book Bingo!

Join us for Book Bingo Night!

Friday, February 1st at 7:00 pm in the RMS Gym

We are proud to present our 13th Book Bingo! We invite all of the RMS Families to come out and play Bingo for a chance to win a book. It is our hope that each child will go home with a book on this evening.

Don’t Forget – Box Tops Raffle!

For each 5 box tops you submit, you earn one raffle ticket. Each raffle ticket will be an entry to win one of the prizes below:

  1. Movie passes for family of 4 to AMC theaters
  2. $20.00 Target Gift Card
  3. $20.00 Spring Book Fair Voucher

The deadline for the raffle is January 25, 2018.

Winners will be drawn by Mr. Cortright and announced over the loud speaker.

It is extremely important that you follow the directions listed below when turning in your box tops:

Step 1: Place your Box Tops in a Zip Lock bag or affix them to the sheet provided with tape or glue and label with your Name, Grade, and Teacher

Step 2: (If using a Zip Lock bag) Count your Box Tops and write the amount on the bag. This will help you know how many raffle tickets you have earned. 5 Box Tops earns you 1 raffle ticket. If using the sheet, make sure it is completely filled.

Step 3: Place a note in the bag, or attach to sheet stating how you would like your raffle tickets distributed among the available prizes. You can place your raffle tickets in different prizes if you choose.

Step 4: Hand in the Box Tops to your teacher.